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Distinction lingerie

Entering the adult stage of my life, bras shopping was not an easy thing. The fact is I have deep cups and a small waistline and so it was hard to find bras that would fit properly, when looking in regular retail stores. I then decided to turn to specialized stores where the bras were not fitting… my style. Constantly at a quest to find the perfect bra, I thought it must be a challenge for other women with a morphology like mine as well. How do I feel in complete harmony with my body? How do I feel like sexy and comfortable with myself, despite not having a “standard” shape?
I knew I could not be alone in this situation. So, after years of dissatisfaction with not being able to find a solution, I decided to create one: Distinction, a lingerie brand that dresses women with generous breasts. Distinction is synonymous with difference, individuality, elegance, refinement, honor… whether it is through your body or the way you present yourself. 
Rachel Jean-Jacques


Our mission? Make you live an experience where your senses will be aroused at all times. Distinction offers each woman with a small back size and deep cups comfortable and quality lingerie adapted to their morphology, one woman at a time. At Distinction, comfort and elegance are one!

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